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bollo Sale integrale di Sicilia Gemma di Mare

of Sicily

These crystals of pure salt are collected using ancient methods and artisanal instruments, according to the knowledge handed down by the masters of salt in Trapani, in a historic salt evaporation pond that had been used during the Phoenician times.
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Gemma di Mare
To always have salt which is fresh and readily available.
Transparent and elegant, it allows to see the natural and pure salt.
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Unrefined Gourmet Salt Integrale di Sicilia Coarse - 1 kg

Unrefined Gourmet Salt

Coarse - 800 g

The freshness
of the sea

Pure and naturally moist, rich in magnesium and calcium, originating from the sea
, the coarse crystals are a shiny white, bringing all
the Mediterranean flavours to your dishes.
Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare

and highly salty

It is highly appreciated for en croute preparations or being ground and enriched with spices and flavouring, releasing its saltiness and appreciating its rich and strong flavour.

choose it why

Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare
you taste it with the


Esalta l'inventiva in cucina grazie alla sua sapidità corposa e avvolgente che sposa la tradizione e l'estro.
Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare
has a great

Healthy value

Because rich in oligo-elements, especially magnesium and calcium.
Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare
ideal for the preparation

for Crust

Per i suo grani grossolani e la consistenza, questo sale si sposa benissimo con tutte le ricette che prevedono una crosta di sale.

* tale presenza nel terreno dei bacini salanti non rende questo sale ricco in / fonte di magnesio e calcio.


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