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the Unrefined

Sea water, sun and wind are the essential ingredients to create our precious crystals of unrefined sea salt.

Our range

Gemma di Mare
To always have salt which is fresh and readily available.
To always have fresh salt, and be able to read important information, and learn new tasty recipes.
Easy to use, with a simple and quick movement, perfect to use at the table.
Transparent and elegant, it allows to see the natural and pure salt.
A different way to salt dishes, with a gesture particularly dear to kitchen lovers.

Sale Marino Integrale

Coarse - 1kg

Sale Marino Integrale

Medium - 500g

Sale Marino Integrale

Mill - 180g

Sale Marino Integrale

Fine - 1kg

Sale Marino Integrale

Coarse - 1kg

Authentic nature

Our unrefined sea salt does not undergo any refinement: it is produced by the natural evaporation of sea water and it subjected
only to surface washing
and drying procedures.

Rich in oligo-elements

It's a whole, unprocessed salt that holds unaltered its natural oligo-elements of the sea, its nutritional values and its consistency.

choose it why

has the taste of


Enhances the dishes without altering the flavor, to always enjoy the taste of home.
in all its shapes,


It goes well with all recipes, both raw and cooked.
it is perfect for those who demand


100% pure, obtained without chemical refining or addition of additives and preservatives


Choose from traditional flavors and unexpected flavors!
Discover the recipes