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Natural and authentic, our classic sea salt is a high-quality product because it comes directly from the sea and straight to your dish, with unaltered pureness and unique characteristics.
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Gemma di Mare
To always have salt which is fresh and readily available.
To always have fresh salt, and be able to read important information, and learn new tasty recipes.
Easy to use, with a simple and quick movement, perfect to use at the table.
Transparent and elegant, it allows to see the natural and pure salt.
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Sea salt Fine - 1kg

Sea salt

Fine - 1kg
Sea salt Coarse - 1kg

Sea salt

Coarse - 1kg
Sea salt Fine - 250g

Sea salt

Fine - 250g

A gem from the sea

Our salt is born from a long natural process of sea water evaporation, which leaves the precious salt crystals in our salt evaporation ponds.
Sea salt Gemma di Mare

The force of nature

The value of our salt is in its sea origin: it is richer in oligo-elements and has a lower sodium content than rock salt.

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Sea salt Gemma di Mare
has the taste of


Enhances the dishes without altering the flavor, to always enjoy the taste of home.
Sea salt Gemma di Mare
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It comes from the sun and the sea, through a long and slow evaporation process.
Sea salt Gemma di Mare
perfect for all the


It combines wellness with taste, thanks to its natural organoleptic properties.


Choose from traditional flavors and unexpected flavors!
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