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Black Pepper

Selected from the best crops the world over, this pepper is made by manually picking the unripe fruit, thus exalting the aromas and pungency of this top quality spice.
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Gemma di Mare
New addition:
Gemma di Mare pepper, a fresh, ready-to-use product.
a “bocca di lupo”
Box con pratica apertura a “bocca di lupo” che contiene 500 bustine di pepe da 2g
Un formato mini
Comodo e pratico condimento, sempre a portata di mano!
ombra prodotto
Espositore<br> a “bocca di lupo” Pepe - 500x20 g

a “bocca di lupo”

Pepe - 500x2g
Duo Sale Pepe

Un formato mini

Sale&Pepe - 50g+18g

Attention to the chain

This selected black pepper is harvested by hand when the fruit is still unripe, as soon as its rind colour starts to change (veraison). The more unripe the fruit the more pungent and aromatic the spice. It is then dried in the sun to dehydrate it and darken its rind.
Pepe Gemma di Mare

The Varieties

The product’s diverse origin, which can make for slight differences in pulp flavour, aroma and colour, means that a new harvest is always available on the market.
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Pepe Gemma di Mare
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It is the spice par excellence, the most popular and best known globally.
Pepe Gemma di Mare

Top Quality Product

Used to flavour a vast range of dishes such as soups, sauces, meats, fish, stews and salads.
Pepe Gemma di Mare


For its versatility in the kitchen and its strong personality


Choose from traditional flavors and unexpected flavors!
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