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the Unrefined
of Sardinia

In the oasis of the Sant'Antioco salt pan, an island of extraordinary beauty, the crystals of Sardinian unrefined salt are collected in autumn by the farmers of the sea.
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Gemma di Mare
To always have salt which is fresh and readily available.
Transparent and elegant, it allows to see the natural and pure salt.
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Unrefined Gourmet Salt Integrale di Sicilia Coarse - 1 kg

Unrefined Gourmet Salt

Coarse - 1 kg

The art of
salt cultivation

During the processing process made by specialized workers, in a protected environment and with artisan techniques, all the organoleptic properties of the salt and the scents of the Sardinian land are preserved.
Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare

Moist, fresh and
with a full flavour

Suitable for seafood recipes and to be ground raw on vegetables and salads, indicated for preparations “in salt” and with a pesto of herbs and spices.

choose it why

Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare
you taste it with the


Because the crystals forged by the water that meets an ancient, rich, and magical land release the intense light of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare
has a great

Healthy value

For the natural humidity and freshness, unique among wholegrains, to which is added a full and enveloping taste.
Unrefined Gourmet Salt Gemma di Mare
ideal for the preparation

of each type

on fresh and seasonal vegetables, raw in pinches, or on grilled fish or minced meat with Mediterranean spices and herbs.


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