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the Pink salt
of Himalaya

From the slopes of the Himalayan mountains a pure fossil rock salt, generated millions of years ago. Perfect for the most refined recipes and to enrich any cooking experiment.

Our range

Gemma di Mare
To always have salt which is fresh and readily available.
Easy to use, with a simple and quick movement, perfect to use at the table.
Transparent and elegant, it allows to see the natural and pure salt.

Unrefined Gourmet Salt

Fine - 250 g

Unrefined Gourmet Salt

Fine - 1kg

Unrefined Gourmet Salt

Coarse - 1kg

True beauty

Its unique pink colour is given by the high percentage of iron contained in the rocks from which it is hand-collected, according to ancient traditions.

Strongly salty

Very pure (with more than 84 oligo-elements), born 250 million years ago it is a rich salt, with a strong salty note, perfect to enhance the flavouring of the dishes it seasons.

choose it why

you taste it with the


It enhances inventiveness in the kitchen thanks to its unique color and a flavor that marries tradition and creativity.
has a great

Healthy value

Because rich in oligo-elements and with a significant presence of iron.
it's perfect for those who love


It goes with tradition, but loves to dare, perhaps even with an unexpected dessert.

* tale presenza nella roccia non rende questo sale ricco in / fonte di ferro.


Choose from traditional flavors and unexpected flavors!
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