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thePurple salt
of Himalaya

Well-being and a unique taste merge into a precioussalt, of volcanic origin, both healthy and gourmet.Perfect for ethnic recipes and the most ingenious cookingexperiments.

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Gemma di Mare
To always have salt which is fresh and readily available.
Easy to use, with a simple and quick movement,perfect to use at the table.

Unrefined Salt with an Origin

Fine - 150 g


Unique for its strong colour and aroma, coming from veining rich in sulphur and iron.
Unique also for its high content
innatural minerals and oligo-elements
including calcium, potassium, zinc,copper and antioxidants.

An ancient flavour

Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine forits therapeutic properties, it has beneficial effects on the digestivesystem, for sight and muscular pain.

choose it why

you taste it with the


It enhances inventiveness in the kitchen thanks to its unique color and a flavor that marries tradition and creativity.
has a great

Healthy value

Because rich in oligo-elements and with a conspicuous presence of sulfur.
perfect for


Thanks to its particular taste, it is an excellent substitute for eggs to dress salads, mixed with tofu, omelettes and sandwiches.


Choose from traditional flavors and unexpected flavors!
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