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the Grey salt
of Atlantic

From the historical salt evaporation ponds of Guérande in Brittany, thissea salt is hand-collected using an ancient artisanal knowledge, verymoist, rich in oligo-elements and low in sodium.

Our range

Gemma di Mare
To always have salt which is fresh and readily available.
Easy to use, with a simple and quick movement,perfect to use at the table.
Transparent and elegant, it allows to see thenatural and pure salt.

Unrefined Salt with an Origin

Fine - 250 g

Unrefined Salt with an Origin

Coarse - 1kg

The pearl of the sea

It has a pearl-grey colour, given by the claysoil of the salty lakes in which the crystallization happens. It gives the salt a high number of oligo-elements.

The force of nature

The value of our salt is in its seaorigin: it is richer in oligo-elements, has a subtle taste,melting in the mouth, and is lower in sodium than the rock salt.

choose it why

you taste it with the


It enhances inventiveness in the kitchen thanks to its unique color and a flavor that marries tradition and creativity.
has a great

Healthy value

Because rich in oligo-elements and with less sodium than common salt
ideal for the preparation

for Crust

Due to its color and texture, this salt goes very well with all recipes that include a salt crust.


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